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Invincible? Errr...perhaps not!

To let you know how lucky I am to be alive, I'll tell you a little story about my day. I drove to work this morning which is approx. a 20 minute shoot from where I live. Now, I am a this means I probably smoke AT LEAST 3 cigarettes on my way to work each day. So I am...puffing away...tossing my cigarette butt out of my car window...right? Well, I get to work and step out of my car and notice something SPEWING from underneath my car! About that time the smell hits me...IT'S GASOLINE!!! O.O
My fucking gas line had burst and had been leaking for...who knows how many bloody miles.
Needless to say, I called a tow to pick up my car to be repaired and spent the rest of the day pondering the meaning of life. Shiiiiittttt! Guess it just wasn't my time to go.
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