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There and back Orc's tale

Well, it is official...I am moved into my new house. I'll probably be happy here for at least...a couple of months. I hope!
My car is a worthless piece of shit! This is an understatement. Even this being the case, I am paying good money to have an engine put in it. Now ask...didn't I jus go buy a new car? Because I was already at the garage and I am too fucking lazy to o car shopping!! O.o
I have...on a happier note...begun a new project, which, I am elated to say, is off to a great start.
One of the others, working with me at the moment, has the hots for me! O.O And I must say I have more than one eye on this person. There are a couple of obstacles though...they speak another language than I...and 14 years my junior. I feel like such a pervert. Not the first time for that.
I have recieved about 7 phone calls and have yet to meet them away from work...mainly because I KNOW what will happen!! Now, those who know me know how I am...I am the last person who wants a one-night-stand...and for Heaven's sake, what else could possibly result from a tryst with this person? But this is the grim truth of the matter...every time I see them I want, desperately to tear their clothes off with my teeth!!! AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! *Goes off to seek professional therepy*
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